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Hockey Team Logo Design: Corporats

We had two days to design a logo for the newly minted Corporats hockey team. Here’s pictures of the process and the final result.

Version 1: Ink

Based on a Canucks jersey, I guessed our Corporats logo would need to be about 12 inches square. To look good to fans (I use that term generously) far away in the bleachers, the lines were kept bold and fairly simple.

If you’re wondering, our rat wears an Easton helmet and a fashionable, yet not annoyingly narrow, tie (my wife’s idea). He’s facing right, not left, to make him seem more aggressive. He’s missing teeth because I wanted to further the stereotype.

Adobe Illustrator gave me flexibility in editing and changing size down the road (for t-shirts, onesies, arena signage, you name it). The first version was rough, but got the point across to our GM and coaching staff:

Corporats Version 1

Corporats Version 1. Yep, I misspelled the team name on the first go around. Oops.

Version 2: Colour

For the jersey, we went with the Ottawa 67’s red, white, and black horizontal stripes. This gave a simple colour palette to work from.

Our rat got a tail after several folks asked if he was a badger. If it doesn’t look real, it’s because I made the tail completely from my imagination – the Google search proved very unhelpful.

Geared font from Lost Type was used for the team name. After converting the type to shapes in Illustrator, I skewed the perspective and modified a few edges to give this single word a more balanced look.

White trim was added to set the logo apart from the stripes of the jersey. It also, and this was super lucky, gave the jersey maker a nice border to stitch the logo to the jersey without cutting off the outer edges of the logo.

Corporats Logo Version 2

Corporats Logo Version 2

Version 3: Bolder

The rat in version 2 seemed trapped and overpowered by the background circle. To fix this, I beefed him up and made him overlap more of the circle. The red was darkened to match the jersey colour and the grey of the rat’s fur was lightened ever so slightly.

Corporats Logo Version 3

Corporats Logo Version 3

All stitched up

A week later, the jerseys came in. I really lucked out that the reds matched.

Final Corporats logo on Ottawa 67's jersey

Final Corporats logo on Ottawa 67’s jersey